Small tip for tackling a convention, conference or expo

Small tip for tackling a convention, conference or expo

Winter Nape is just around the corner with many other conventions, conferences and expos flaring up around the world.

These gatherings of course are designed for networking and growth of your company, but many companies forget that things that catch the eye, also catch investors and get you shaking hands and scratching backs with more people.

When we get down to it, we are all imprinted with the “ooooooohh Shiny” response it just matures over time.

Remember when you are marketing yourself that you make sure you have an “ooooohh Shiny” look, not only does it get passers to see what your doing, it also creates a mental reset when giving a long informational presentation.

When you have strategic (and relevant) “ooooh Shiny” presentation aids it releases endorphins in the brain and resets the viewers counter of how long they have been looking at something. Resetting this counter keeps their attention and also unconsciously makes them transfer more information from their short term memory to their long term memory, thus making you on top of their mind after a conference or convention.

Offshore oil and gas Schematic

Using Graphics in your presentation like the above also keep every on the same page no matter what their experience level in the oil and gas industry is.

So now with this in mind are you ready to tackle Nape?