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Augmented Reality

      By holding a tablet in front of your client you will be able to show your potential investors or future partners a 3-D geologic reservoir with real seismic data popping off your acrage maps, this seems like somthing we would dream about as kids. Now with WadeFX's new oil and gas augmented reality technology we are revolutionizing the way people visulize 3-D seicmic maps! We also create virtual simulations of your drilling equipment that will pop right off the page and have interactive points that can be touched to peel back the layers of the new drillbit or pumping equipment! 


Training simulations are WadeFX's expertise, using augemented reality we have changed the way oil and gas companies train thier potential employees. Using Augmented Reality you can model 3-D offshore rigs to be interactive to the user. Making all the equipment on deck interactive and by simulating different situations the employee might find themselves in. Hurricanes,  gigantic glaciers,  blow outs, loss of pressure within ballast, are of many situations that have potential danger and the crew will have a small window of opportunity to react. 

Augmented Reality visually enhances he viewer's recognition of what is happening right in front of them by flawlessly applying 3-D motion tracked objects, sounds, and information into the real environment surrounding you. 

Our oil and gas augmented reality technology

Want to test out some Oil and Gas Augmented Reality? Download our android A/R demo app on the Play Store below. Download and print out the Augmented Marker here

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