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Architectural Animations
Finding the Perfect Balance
Pre-Production Modeling
Post-Production Rendering
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Solutions For Your Success

Wade FX built its foundation upon the 3D animation industry, gaining rapport through various productions.

The creative minds of our company have evolved their talents in order to procure the needs for your aniamtion projects.

Our creativity and ingenuity does not stop there, and extends into the custom app development industry.


3D Architectural Animations, Oil and Gas Animations, 3D models, 3D Photo-realistic Visualizations.

App Development

We have some of the hardest working programmers in the industry. Thier creative mindset will allow your imagination to flow freely. 

Photo-realistic RenderingsĀ 

Wade FX can create photo-realistic architectural and oil and gas renderings.

Global Clientele

Clients from New York to California, Tokyo to Chicago and everywhere in between, we've been spreading the word that 3D is always in season.

Clients we've worked with